LovexLove, founded in 2021, is redefining bridal wear with a contemporary touch. Known for its innovative and unconventional approach to bridal jewelry, the brand beautifully mirrors the founder's deep appreciation for untamed aesthetics.


Our brand is proudly female-owned and each of our designs draws inspiration from the incredible diversity of women. Just as there are countless jewelry and wedding gown designs, there's a world of versatility in every woman which serves as an endless source of inspiration for us. This forms the core of our philosophy.

We aim to offer versatile bridal wear that welcomes and celebrates every woman just as they are, ensuring our studio a welcoming and warm place for all. Our ultimate goal is to empower women, enabling our customers to embrace confidence and feel stunning while wearing our creations.

Made-to-order at our studio in Tampere, each of our design reflects our commitment to advancing more sustainable bridal wear. Whether it's earrings, bridal headpieces, or vintage wedding gowns, each piece aligns with this vision.



"Whether aiming for a laid-back charm or an effortlessly chic essence, our collections are designed for the modern woman who remains committed to her unique style.

Bold or understated, each of my designs possesses its own character. They draw inspiration from the contemporary woman who dresses for herself above all else. She is my muse; she can be anyone.

I admire the unexpected details that catch the eye, the subtle minimalism and outstanding maximalism, the delicate balance between effortless ease and drama and the beauty found in imperfections. It's all embodied in her."

- Mira Alaluusua, Founder & Co-Owner of LovexLove


“As an old soul I adore everything worn and nostalgic but believe that traditional bridal rules are meant to be bent and broken. At LovexLove we want to blur the lines between classic bridal wear and timeless fashion and prioritize durability, quality and conscious consumption over fleeting trends. What I love most of our brand is that we embrace slow fashion and design items with longevity in mind.

Mira and I share a legacy of women entrepreneurs and are both inspired and committed to not only support and inspire each other but also support and rise up other female-led brands and businesses. Just as our designs and treasures are meant to be cherished (pun intended) and passed on for the generations to come, we want to carry forward the legacy of contemporary female entrepreneurship. As two best friends we are not just building a business, but crafting and cultivating something that will hopefully outlast us and make a meaningful impact.”

-Emma Stevenson, Co-Owner

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