DECEMBER 11, 2021


In December 2021, Siiri and Jari celebrated their unforgettable wedding in Tampere. Even though their wedding plans progressed quickly, these lovebirds decided to do everything their own way, spontaneously and romantically. They wanted to show the world that a wedding celebration could be organized outside of traditional norms, just as their wedding song "Ensisilmäyksellä" by Holmala suggests.

Their wedding plans were shadowed by the second wave of the covid pandemic, which added tension until the last moment. Fortunately, they didn't have to postpone the wedding, and when the day finally arrived, it was filled with warmth and joy. Many of the guests longed for the opportunity to come together after a long period of isolation.

The wedding was planned around a rust and copper theme in only six months. The choice of colors was a perfect portrayal of the couple, as copper was adorned not only in the wedding flowers but also found their place in the groom's beard. Siiri and Jari put careful thought into their outfits. Siiri chose a wedding dress with a beautifully embellished upper part. LovexLove's beautiful and simple Emma Earrings perfectly complemented her dress - Siiri received them as a morning gift from Jari. Her hair was adorned with rust-colored natural flowers, styled in a casual bun. For Jari, it was important to find a suit that wasn't black. The end result is a wedding ensemble that exudes a soft, wintry atmosphere, just like their wedding celebration.

Photography by Tuomas Mikkolainen

Wedding flowers by Opuntia