editorial workshop

a spring romance

MAY 2023



We at LovexLove were thrilled to have participated in this workshop, showcasing our exquisite bridal jewelry, thank you for having us.



"Together with my beautifully talented wedding planner friend, Avodah moments, we dreamed this romantic spring editorial. We wanted to have a classic, painting inspired feeling, feelings of hope and light. <3" -Minna Kaita, Photographer


Read below Minna's reflections on her experience with this editorial workshop

"This may sound a little bit ”too big” - my words - after all, it was ”just a workshop”/”just a styled shoot”. But the way this was created, and in harsh conditions, I really feel like we did something big.

We wanted to share the world of possibilities for both wedding photographers and wedding couples. Share inspiration. Make dreams come true. In Finland, we don’t always dare to dream, we are a modest people and we don’t like to make a big number. But we wanted to not only host a workshop but to share inspiration to everyone.

In my memos, I have one that says ”DARE”. It is related to photography, guiding and life itself. Trust your vision - and dare. You can dream. And you can make it happen."  -Minna Kaita, photographer



CONCEPT: Minna Kaita & Eva Monnier @minnakaita @avodahmoments
DESIGN, STYLING AND FLORALS: Avodah @avodahmoments
ASSISTANT STYLIST: Michaela Megger @michaela.megger
JEWELLERY: LovexLove @lovexlove.fi
MUAH:  Susanne Nieminen  @susannenieminen
LINENS: Jalo Living @jaloliving
CAKE :VK Sculpting  @vk.cake.and.sculpting
STATIONERY DESIGN: Hnstly & Studio Gummerus @hnstly.co @studiogummerus 
PRINTING: Studio Gummerus @studiogummerus
BRIDAL DRESSES:  @andforlove  via @melodynelsonbridal & @callalilies.studio 
BRIDAL VEIL: @madewithlovebridal via @melodynelsonbridal
BRIDAL SHOES: Something Bleu @somethingbleu__
RINGS: Laura Darth @bylauradarth
CANDLES: Noosh Studio  @nooshstudio
BRIDAL COUPLE: Jasmin & Teemu Hellber @jasmin.hellberg 
VENUE: Ullman's Villa @ullmansvilla


Bride is wearing LovexLove Eleanor Earrings that embodies a fresh and bohemian aesthetic. Eleanor earrings are handmade in our Studio in Tampere, Finland.