We always encourage our customers to stay true to their style and buy only what they really love, so they can cherish our designs for many years to come. We are committed to creating high-quality products that are both stylish and sustainable. We continue to work towards better and more sustainable practices as well as working more consciously as a brand. We aim to be as transparent as possible and are committed to improving the transparency of our supply chain.

Here are some of the steps we have taken to ensure better practices:



All our items are made-to-order. We only create what is needed to avoid overproduction, waste and inventory of unsold products. Our made-to-order model also allows us to be more efficient with our materials. We order materials only when needed. We take time to make sure each piece is crafted with care. We use precise measurements and cuts to reduce material waste.



Sustainability is an ongoing journey in the fashion industry and there is still a lot to be done. We at Love x Love are actively seeking out and experimenting with more sustainable materials and responsible production methods to help lead the way.

Currently we use materials such as: freshwater pearls, imitation glass pearls, sterling silver, gold-filled brass, silk, glass beads and also upcycled, repurposed, vintage and dead stock materials as much as possible.

We want to create durable designs for our customers. That's why we have chosen to use gold-filled brass in most of our gold designs. It allows us to create beautiful, high quality, yet affordable pieces. By choosing gold-filled brass instead of gold-plated, we want to extend the life cycle of our jewelry.

We source most of our gold-filled metal parts from the USA as they have the most experience and knowledge in sustainably produced gold-filled materials. Most of the gold-filled and silver metal parts come from an RJC certified manufacturer. A small part of our gold-filled parts comes from China, from a carefully selected manufacturer whose ethic values and quality requirements meet ours.

The following are some of the key sources we use to obtain materials:

Gold-filled brass, USA, China

Silver, USA 

Freshwater pearls, Jiangsu Province, China

Glass Imitation Pearls, Czech Republic

Glass Beads, Japan

As a young and small company, we have not had the resources to improve our sourcing processes 

for some of the jewelry parts to the standard we would like yet. We are currently exploring new partnerships and suppliers that align with our values and have a commitment to responsible sourcing.



We put a lot of time, effort and love sourcing upcycled, leftover and dead stock materials to reduce the environmental impact. We are constantly challenging our creative way of thinking to come up with new ideas and ways to transform these materials into beautiful and unique designs for you.  

We use upcycled and repurposed materials such as:

Left over fabric from Laura Hyvi wedding gowns

Japanese vintage faux pearls and beads

Vintage Swarovski crystals

Dead stock fabric from Hermès, made in France

Other deadstock fabrics


Here are couple of creative ways we have used upcycled materials to create beautiful designs:

Clarissa Headband,

The fabric used in this design is a leftover fabric from Laura Hyvi Bridal wedding gowns. The fabric is processed to make it look featherlike so that it creates soft and beautiful details.


Päivi Earrings,

The fabric used on top of this earrings design is a leftover fabric from Laura Hyvi Bridal wedding gowns.


All our jewelry boxes, shipping boxes as well as the silk paper used in the shipping boxes are made of FSC-certified materials in Europe. The FSC® mark guarantees that all wood-based materials used in the production of the product have been obtained from responsibly managed FSC® forests.


Transparency and ethical sourcing are very important for us, and we are continuously working towards improving our practices. We are actively exploring new partnerships and suppliers that align with our values and commitment to responsible sourcing.

We value our customers and appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to grow and improve as a company. We hope to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.