Love x Love was founded in 2021 by a self-taught designer driven by the desire to create chic and bold jewellery that really reflects the personal style of the modern brides – and all the style seekers of today.
Our brand is inspired by the rebel women and each style evokes a fierce and feminine appeal.  We want our Love x Love goddesses to feel confident and sexy when wearing our designs.
We design pieces that will live with you through the special moments of your life. We encourage our customers to always stay true to their style and buy only what they really love, so they can treasure each design for many years to come.
All of our items are designed and handcrafted with love in our small home studio in the city of Tampere in Finland.

Behind the brand


"I have been working in the fashion industry since 2011. For me fashion has always been an important way to express who I am and how I feel.

When I met the love of my life back in 2015, I began to think about how our wedding would be like and how I would style myself when our big day would come. I had a vision of a less traditional bridal style and wanted to find jewellery that would embody fresh and bohemian aesthetics - most importantly staying true to my personal style.

While searching all the inspiration I developed a huge love for bridal fashion and it became clear to me that I want to be a part of the new generation who shakes up the traditional wedding codes. I wanted to create something for the adventurous modern-day women.

I believe that a great piece of jewellery can make you feel powerful and has the magic to take you down the memory lane back to the special little moments of your life. That's why I want to create timeless pieces that our Love x Love babes can cherish for many years to come. Not only on their big day, but in every special moment when they want to feel the magic all over again."

Founder of Love x Love Mira Alaluusua

Founder of Love x Love