Maddie Necklace


Maddie is a creative old soul who likes to delve deep into her thoughts. She possesses a whimsical and playful personality and is fun to be around.

Her style is flamboyant and unconventional, mirroring her quirky personality. Maddie's unique fashion sense creates a visually striking look that perfectly complements her playful and delightfully mad persona.


Indulge in the charm of this handmade necklace adorned with vintage Swarovski crystals. The bow, crafted from soft silk ribbon, serves as an exquisite centerpiece. The chain is made with gold-filled brass.

This necklace offers the versatility of a removable silk ribbon, allowing you to wear it with or without the ribbon according to your preference.


This item is handmade to order - please allow us 1-2 weeks time to produce before shipping. Are you in a rush? Please email us at —


All of our items are handmade to order so slight variation from the pictures may occur. Please also note that each pearl is unique due to the natural characteristic of the material. The product may vary in shade and shape and you may find irregularities on the surface of the pearls.