Mirana Chocker


When ethereal meets regal, Mirana shines. She is kind-hearted, elegant, and wise. Known for her peaceful and benevolent nature, she always seeks to bring harmony and fairness to the world around her. Mirana possesses a certain wisdom that comes from her understanding of the balance between good and evil.

Her style is a perfect blend of elegance and eccentricity. She embodies an air of innocence, purity, and grace, often exuding a sense of otherworldliness.


Enhance your elegance with this handmade chocker, delicately crafted using vintage French lace from the 1970s in a soft and subtle nude color. This chocker exude a timeless charm, blending the intricate beauty of lace with the luster of freshwater pearls and the elegance of sterling silver.


This item is handmade to order - please allow us 1-2 weeks time to produce before shipping. Are you in a rush? Please email us at — hello@lovexlove.fi


All of our items are handmade to order so slight variation from the pictures may occur. Please also note that each pearl is unique due to the natural characteristic of the material. The product may vary in shade and shape and you may find irregularities on the surface of the pearls.